Refresher Driving Lessons In Chelmsford

Now we’ve all had bad experiences while driving (or parking), regardless of whether you’ve just passed your driving test, or if you’ve been driving for 20 years.


The thing to remember is that driving a car is just like any other skill. If you don’t practice it, you’ll lose it. The video above is a more extreme example, but if I had to guess, I would say the driver doesn’t parallel park very often.

And it’s not just parking…

You only have to go for a drive through Chelmsford to realise that the standard of some people’s driving is slipping. You can’t control other people, but you can improve your driving.

You may avoid busy roundabouts like to Army & Navy or the Boreham interchange. Maybe the thought of driving onto a motorway like the M25 fills you with fear. Alternatively you may have never driven at night. Whatever area of your driving you would like to work on, I can help.

My Driving School Car, Or Your Private Car?

When taking a refresher course, I normally like to go for a short drive in my car. This especially helps if you’re felling a bit nervous as the dual controls in my car give you that extra bit of safety just in case.

However, if you feel confident driving your own car, then I am more than happy for you to use it for the lessons. After all, it’s the car you will be driving and parking, and seeing you in your own car will often help me find the best way to help you.

How Many Lessons?

As there is no test at the end, the number of lessons you take is really down to you. For some people a few hours is ideal to brush up on a parking, whereas other people may need more to get more confident driving on their own.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.